Our Work

The Pretty Brown Girl Foundation is committed to utilizing its platform to speak out against the injustice while addressing the community’s need of reducing the effects of overt and subtle forms of bias towards girls of color with issues pertaining to gender and racial inequality.

Pretty Brown Girl Demands Justice For Grace

In July 2020, a 15-year-old black high school girl in Michigan by the name of “Grace” was sentenced to juvenile detention for incomplete online coursework as a violation to her probation. Grace has ADHD and she certainly was struggling with her behavior and past situations at home and at school. For the entire story, please click here.

Pretty Brown Girl Founder, Sheri Crawley, and her two daughters, Laila and Aliya Crawley, were at the center of this news story and worked diligently for weeks to demand justice for Grace. They participated in a rally in Detroit which was featured on both local and national news outlets including NBC News. In addition, they had an opportunity to speak on behalf of Grace in interviews with NowThis News.

On August 11, 2020, Grace was released from juvenile, is no longer on probation and the Court has officially terminated her case!

PBG Foundation Hosts First-Ever Holiday Doll Drive

When the world first learned of the Flint water crisis back in 2016, the Pretty Brown Girl Foundation took action by collecting and donating water. 

In addition, for the 2016 Holiday Season, the Pretty Brown Girl Foundation hosted a Doll Drive that touched the lives of over 300 girls in Flint, MI and giving each of them their very own Pretty Brown Girl Doll “Laila”, a day of programming and provided meals for the girls and their families. The Crowdrise Fundraiser campaign raised over $16k.

Pretty Brown Girls Stands Against Bullying

In 2016, The Pretty Brown Girl Foundation took a stand for an Elementary student by the name of “Laila Gould”. Over 100 girls of color rallied for, with and on behalf of Laila who experienced traumatic bullying on the playground at MacKenzie Elementary School in Detroit.

Members of the Pretty Brown Girl Club at Triumph Church, co-sponsored by Michigan Women’s Foundation’s, Young Women for Change and First Lady Robin Kinloch, showered Laila with cards, songs, cheers, letters but most of all lost of love, inspiring words and plenty of hugs.

Laila was invited to join the Pretty Brown Girl Club at Triumph Church. In addition, Deputy Police Chief, Renee’ Hall surprised Laila with a personal video message (see video on right).